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Engineered to provide a cleaner bathing experience

All water pipes have anti-microbial additives to ensure the purity and durability of jetted pipes in Heated Soak,
Whirlpool and Salon® Spa bathtubs.

The non-porous characteristic of Aristech Bio-Lok® acrylic sheet defends against the penetration of microorganisms
into the surface.

The pre-programmed Auto-Dri feature drives excess water from lines in Salon® Spa and Pure Air® bathtubs.

Drain-down plumbing in Salon® Spa, Pure Air®, Whirlpool and Heated Soak baths helps properly drain water lines.

Jacuzzi® Systems Clean can be used to quickly deep clean, sanitize and deodorize Heated Soak, Whirlpool and
Salon® Spa baths.

One Day Bath is your home for Walk-in Tubs in Utah.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans with mobility concerns know that simply taking a bath can be a hazardous experience. The solution… a Walk-In Tub. Now you can feel safe… and feel better with every bath.

Choose Your Bathing Experience!



The fundamental form of hydrotherapy!



The gentle, embracing massage of warm air bubbles!



Legendary massage jets for optimal hydrotherapy!



The ultimate combination of Whirlpool and Pure Air® experiences!

Whisper+™ Technology

Boasting up to 66% noise reduction and 60% less energy usage this brushless motor also keeps the water warm by transfering the heat energy back into the water. Whisper+™ takes quiet to a new level.

Clean Line™

Combining space-age technologies like Aristech Bio-Lok® non-porous acrylic, pre-programmed Auto-Dri™ and anti-microbial additives in the water pipes, our Walk-in Tubs are engineered to give the cleanest bathing experience.

Fast-Fill™ Technology

The Fast-Fill™ faucet has a single control to fill the bathtub nearly twice as fast and at the right temperature. This and the Quick Drain™ are standard features of any Walk-in Tub.

One Day Bath now offers a simple solution that combines industry-leading safety with their legendary hot tub expertise: the Walk-In Bathtub. These unique tubs can make your bathing experience pain and stress-reducing, keeping you safe and protecting your independence.

Imagine, no more stepping over precarious tub ledges. No more balancing on one leg with nothing to hold onto. Just take a low, safe step into your own personal experience through the 100% leak-proof door. Use the grab bars and tall, sturdy tub walls to gently position yourself on the comfortable, raised seat. The controls are at arms level, so no more bending over to turn the water on or off.

Your walk-in tub’s door allows for tall tub walls, letting you enjoy neck-deep immersion and the same full-body soak as in a natural hot spring or regular hot tub. The in-line water heater maintains a warm and cozy water temperature for as long as you want to soak.